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Customized Traffic Light Signal Triggered LED Display

LED traffic displays have become an essential part of modern traffic management. These devices provide an effective way to communicate real-time traffic information and improve road safety and efficiency. By customizing LED traffic displays, we are able to better meet the specific needs of managing and controlling traffic.  

Comsight is specialized in providing excellent service for custom traffic LED displays to suit your unique application. Here we’d like to introduce you a new customized outdoor Traffic Guidance LED Display. 

The scope for this project is to build an outdoor rated display panel that would function as a countdown timer and display relevant messages at the same time. Our display need to learn timing changes from the client’s equipment. Message and timing will be based on the output and being triggered accordingly. 

Different displaying content triggered by the output of the client’s equipment, such as: 1) Go; 2) Wait; 3) Wait with counting-down timer; 4) Delayed; 5) System Fault etc.  

Customized interface board (CST-CBOX-A)
We have developed a special interface board to connect Comsight’s main board to the client’s equipment. The customer communicates with the display through the PC software and pre-stores the messages on the display. The customer’s equipment then selects the messages to be displayed by switching signals. The customized interface board adopts optoelectronic isolation device, so it is convenient to connect with the switching signals of the customer’s equipment and also reduces interference. The interface circuit is simple and highly reliable. 

Other special designs:

1. The cabinet adopts rectangular pyramid shape. The area of the back side is smaller than the front. It’s to meet the customer’s special installation requirements. 

2. Adopt plug-in terminals, convenient for customer wiring, no need for wire soldering;

3. 24VDC-5VDC (RSD-300B-5) Meanwell power supply is adopted to ensure the reliability and stability of the display.

Main specifications:



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