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LED Display for Industrial Data Integration Terminal

By using a high-visibility LED sign to display measurement results, equipment operating status, driving instructions, meteorological data, remaining parking space, real-time internet information, etc., the public can get the information they need fast and easy. The use of LED displays can not only improve the efficiency and safety of the industry, but also increase the value added of the industry.

From indoor signage in the manufacturing industry to outdoor displays in the mining industry, this is a very broad segment of the market. For over 22 years, Comsight has a great deal of R&D experience to be able to provide custom LED displays for these niche specialty sectors. Now let’s introduce some relevant cases and applications that we have done.

1. LED display for weight or volume measurement result

In many industrial such as mining, construction, harbor and compost industries, accurate information is essential and may improve the profitability of clients. It is usually necessary to have some kind of professional equipment or system to measure the relevant data or to monitor the state of the environment. Integrating LED displays into professional measuring equipment systems, making them protocol and data interface compatible to receive measured results and then display them through LED displays can effectively communicate information to audiences.

— Device: Machine/Container/Cargo/Vehicle weight or volume system
— Communication protocol: MCS protocol or customized protocol
— Communication interface: RS232/RS485

2. LED display for meteorological data

The PH-SD device is a meteorological instrument that is used to measure and record the speed and direction of the wind in the atmosphere. We make the LED display to receive the meteorological data from these specialist instruments and display it in the customer’s desired layout, presenting a clear, at-a-glance picture of the current weather conditions to the audience. LED display and the displaying content can be customized in a variety of designs and layouts for both indoor and outdoor use.

— Device: Wind Speed & Wind Direction Device (PH-SD)
— Communication interface: RS232/RS485/USB
— Displaying layout: customized layout according to customer’s definition

3. Internet real-time data collection LED display

Clients can also specify free or paid-for data sources on the web, where specific real-time information like news, currency rates, weather, and traffic information from Google map and so on can be extracted and presented in the format and layout of the client’s choice.

Below is our self-developed real-time data collection software interface, which can extract travel data between different locations from Google map and customer-specified data sources. The software uses an API interface and has up to 100 variables that clients can use to set different scenarios for different screens, such as Beijing to Shanghai time < variable 1 > and Shanghai to Hangzhou time < variable 2 >. It could help drivers reach their destinations easily by providing clear traffic information and promoting the use and efficiency of public transport.

4. Parking system display (extract data from client’s database)

With a unique combination of industry experience and expertise, Comsight’s solutions combine the latest technology and end-to-end support to achieve results that exceed customer expectations and regulatory requirements.



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