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Get to Know Everything about the Customized LED Display

Compared with projector screens, LCDs, and other traditional media, LED display has a lot of advantages. Thus, many business owners and advertisers have been utilizing LED screens in their businesses, no matter for indoor or outdoor applications. However, choosing a suitable LED display may be daunting because you need to ensure a cost-effective solution without compromising high-quality and user-friendly features. The good news is that a customized LED display is the ideal solution in that it meets different requirements and applies to unique scenarios.


Regarding choosing a customized LED solution, a responsible and trustable supplier with full-fledged and independent technologies is the basis and top priority. Comsight is a professional custom LED display manufacturer, as we have devoted ourselves to this industry for over 20 years. Any specific needs about customized LED displays are acceptable and available here. 

The Advantages of the Customized LED Display

The reason why the customized LED display gains so much popularity lies in its edge over the regular LED display in these aspects.


The customized LED display, as its name shows, features customization. Any custom-built ideas can be applied to the customized LED display. For instance, a company’s exclusive logo can be presented with custom LED screens, with which your brand can easily differentiate from other counterparts and bring more visual impact and enjoyment.

No Limitations
on Sizes and Structure

With the help of custom LED screens, a LED display solution with customized structure and size is accessible to people. Any size of custom LED display can be produced based on your needs. With no limitations on sizes and structure, a customized LED display can be more adaptable to the overall structure of the building and the environment, allowing better maintenance access and space.

In Line with
Local Conditions

In many cases, LED displays need to work under extreme environments and conditions, such as a very damp place with condensation, a seaside location with high salinity, a desert with an extremely hot climate, etc. Amid such challenges, a customized LED display solution is necessary to ensure a sustainable and stable working. With independent and full-fledged technologies, and a full range of control systems, including hardware and software, Comsight can customize the structure and size of your LED displays to achieve the performance and functions that you desire.

A Variety of Customized Services from Comsight:

Customized software

Full range of control hardware

User-defined or R&D new communication protocol

Special weather resistance and IP grade

Individual structure design

Sustainable output in high temperature

Redundant power solution (N+1 technology)

Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis

RSS or third-party data source

Cloud control service

Special power sources, such as DC input, wide range power input, solar power, or battery input

Why Do You Choose the Customized LED
Display Solution from Comsight

Various Products

No matter electronic message centers (EMCs) LED signs, LED scrolling message signs, LED digital billboards, LED transportation displays, or LED digits &scoreboards; they are all available in Comsight. With such diverse and complete LEDs, you can always find a suitable LED solution here.

One-Stop Solution

To let our clients rest assured and enjoy convenient services, we offer a one-stop solution ranging from R&D, production, and sales to service. So, our clients can get the most convenient customized LED solutions in Comsight.

Strict Quality Control

We have always placed a high emphasis on supplying the most premium custom LED strip, so we stick to using the best components and applying the strictest standard to our LEDs. Up to now, our products have achieved international certifications, such as E-MARK, CE, FCC, CSA, ETL, etc.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Due to our endeavors in R&D, we have owned the self-developed technology that other corrival don’t have. For example, the state-of-the-art technology consists of condition monitoring, heat management technology for no air conditioner, light pollution reduction technology, redundancy&back-up, CSTCloud system, pixel brightness correction, and individual design for special requirements for being water-proof, dust-proof, and moisture-proof.

Rich Experience

Specialized in LED display for over 20 years, we have offered over 25,000 LED displays to clients at home and abroad, with 85% of our products exported to Europe, America, Australia, and other countries. With our development for more than 20 years, our professional service and superior products have won recognition and trust from our customers.



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★  Comsight specialize in  Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), LED digital billboards, LED transportation displays, LED sports scoreboard and creative LED displays,etc.

★  Comsight also provide customized products according to your demands.

★   Our products have been qualified by E-MARK, CE, FCC, CSA, ETL and other international certifications.

★  Comsight have won high praise and trust from customers.Over 85% of the products are exported to Europe, America, Australia and so on, more than 50 countries and regions. Over 25,000 LED display products have been successfully installed in all over the world.


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