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LED Multiple Time Zone Clock

LED multiple time zone clock offers the perfect solution for viewers who are involved in international communication. In business today, we compete in a worldwide marketplace. Managing people and projects across multiple time zones requires accurate and synchronized timekeeping. Comsight LED multiple time zone clock is able to display up to 8 different times all at once and have the options of selecting cities from around the world, which helps to avoid unnecessary delays and save time by eliminating manual calculations and confusing time zone conversions.

The up-to-date SMD technology with ultra-bright visibility and large viewing angel can view all time zones at a glance from any angle or corner. Dot matrix LED solution offers you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of clock format, fonts, color, and customize it. The resolution and size of the clock display can be also customized to fit any space, so they are perfect for small offices as well as large-scale businesses.

It also features automatic time adjustment via Network Time Protocol (NTP). NTP is an Internet protocol used to synchronize the clocks of computers to a common time reference—Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Using user-input values for time zone and daylight savings, an accurate time can be calculated worldwide.


  • Can be built for 1 to 8 time zones (more upon request)
  • Automatic NTP (Network Time Protocol) time adjustment
  • Easy to setup and operate for each zone separately
  • Select cities from around the world
  • Automatic daylight savings time correction
  • Flexible time format: HH:MM:SS or HH:MM
  • Choose from 12 hour (AM/PM) or 24 hour (Military) format
  • 15 kinds of font size available in 7 to 64 pixels in high
  • 7 colors available (more upon request) and different color for each zone freely
  • Ultra-bright visibility and large viewing angel

COMSIGHT has own-developed control system, PC software, display unit, and cabinet structure, which allows us to offer you fully customized products for any size, special functions, and personalized sales to help you build a best tailored solution for your unique business needs. Contact us to create your own custom LED multiple time zone clock with your preferred time zones, size, color, and add-ons.



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