Q320 EMCs LED Signs

Q320: Made for Outdoor LED Signs & EMCs

For many outdoor LED signs and EMCs applications, display distributors often struggle to provide fast and flexible solutions. Commonly used outdoor die-casting aluminium enclosures are typically 960*960mm or 960*1280mm, making them difficult to apply to small-sized LED signs, and if a custom enclosure is used, it requires a separate design, resulting in long design and production times and high costs.

Comsight’s exclusive patented Q320 is the smallest outdoor die-casting aluminium enclosure on the market to date, and is easy and economical to adapt to more small outdoor LED signs.

320x320mm Outdoor Die-casting Aluminium Enclosure

· Unit block: 320*320mm

· Durable and Solid

· HighPrecision and Great Flatness

· Pitch Options (mm): P5, P6.67, P8, P10, P13.3, P16

Fully Internal Wiring

  • Agile and convenient cable outlet (left/right/bottom/rear side all optional)

More Economical & Quicker for a Customized Sign

· Any sizebased on 320*320mm unit blocks to adapt more inventive display scenarios.

· size 320*640mm: 2pcs only for a complete display

Intelligent Monitoring System & Brightness Control

· Allow to monitor internal temperature, power supply, fan, SPD etc

· If any part fails, it is detected and reported for easy and quick maintenance

· Advanced light pollution reduction technology (adjustment by auto, manual, timing, or mixed measures)

Professional Heat Dissipation Design

· Fan-forced active heat dissipation

· Brushless DC fan can start and stop automatically and adjust the speed according to the temperature

· Fin shaped rear side to maximize the space for dissipating heat.

· High efficiency SMD & power supply with lessheat produced

Worry-free Operation in Harsh Environment

Easy Maintenance & Convenient Installation

Front maintenance

Unit blocks will be assembled into a number of large sections in the factory for quick and easy installation.

Note: The brightness will vary depending on the LED options.



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