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TV Network Project

Steven is Comsight’s distributor in a major Western country, he won the public bid of a prestigious yet challenging project — to put a over 2700 pixel wide, 25mm pitch LED sign on the headquarter building of the largest national TV network, the sign would be the star of a renovation work to celebrate the networks’ anniversary .

Steven quickly set up an online meeting with Comsight to discuss the project details.Working together smoothly online and by emails, the engineering team of the 2 companies reviewed the architectural and engineering aspects of the project, and defined the challenges:
1)No existing CPU system of Comsight at that time worked with such a long resolution.
2)The customer wanted the sign to attach on the wall closely, then we need design new 7 pixels wide module along with our standard existing 8 pixel wide module.
3)The sign needed a custom made new software to read customer’s data and stream it into scrolling ticker on the sign.
4)The delivery timeframe was very tight and critical.

1)No existing CPU system of Comsight at that time worked with such long resolution

There was no time to develop a new system, so the Comsight engineer had to work on the existing CPU system. Because the longest resolution it worked with is only 1/4 of the total resolution, the engineer used 4 CPU boards, each working with a section of 1/4 of the sign, the real challenge was, the messages must scroll seamlessly across the sign as a circle, so the Comsight engineer developed a special firmware that coordinates the 4 CPU boards precisely as if they were one, the triple CPU system worked as well that no one can tell there are actually 4 CPU boards in the sign.

TV Network Project

This system is made up of some parts, following figure show the configuration for whole sign.

TV Network Project

Each part is made up of some small signs. For convenient, we make them have a number for each sign.
The first part: A1, A2;         the second part: B1 ~ B8;    the third part: C;   
The fourth part: D1 ~ D3;     the fifth part: E1 ~ E3;        the sixth part: F1 ~ F15;
The seventh part: G1 ~ G3;   the eighth part: H1, H2;      the ninth part: I1, I2; 
The tenth part: J1 ~ J10;     the eleventh part: K.

All signs are divided into three groups as following; one control box controls one group signs. 
The first group: 8×938 (GK). It includes the following signs: K, J10 ~ J1, I2, I1, H2, H1, and G3 ~ G1.
The second group: 8×907 (FG). It includes the following signs: F15 ~ F1.
The third group: 8×910 (AF). It includes the following signs: E3 ~ E1, D3 ~ D1, C, B8 ~ B1, A2, A1.
“A, F, G, K” is the corner place of above figure.

2)The customer wanted the sign to attach on the wall closely, which was impossible with the existing 8 pixel wide module;
After a few CAD simulations, Steven’s engineer found that in order to fit the sign perfectly on the building, 7 pixel wide module was necessary; this had introduced 2 challenges to Comsight, first, it had to make mold for a special 7 pixel module in such a short time; second, because the module is such an odd resolution, Comsight had to develop a special firmware for scan card and driver card; all these work had to complete in 3 weeks. Comsight’s mechanical engineer worked together with its molding supplier, created the mold and received the first batch of module bezel in 2 weeks. At the same time, the software engineer completed the new firmware and put the new module into an exhausting test.

TV Network Project
3)The sign needed a custom made new software to read customer’s data and stream it into scrolling ticker on the sign
Another software engineer started to develop the new PC software as soon as the order was received. The software reads live news headlines and stock information from the customer’s database, and then the information are processed to scroll across the screen, the beginning of message follows the end and forms a circle.

4)The delivery timeframe was very tight and critical.                                         
The project was thoroughly analyzed and planned beforehand, project was divided into objectives and then executable actions, all actions are assigned to individual persons, a projected manager was appointed to manage the team and coordinate with the customer, and the ERP system minimized the chance of mistake. Well planned and managed, the project made steady progress by schedule, and was destined to succeed. 

The sign was shipped at the scheduled date, Steven’s team had prepared everything required for installation, it was up and running before the customer’s big day, people in the area were first wowed by its gigantic dimension and striking visual effect, having accustomed to it, they now use it as a convenient source of information. Steven got a happy customer, who purchased many more products from him since then.

Since the installation, the customer has required a few software changes to adapt with their new system, or make the sign more appealing, Comsight always delivered the software a to their need, it’s a part of Comsight’s ongoing service that lasts across the entire life of our products.



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