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Pharmacy A Project in Germany

Location: Germany


Pharmacy A Signal
-With front screen 4 mm (outer size: 540×540)
-With white backboard 4 mm (outer size: 540×540)
-2x 2m nylon cord (not fix, include) 
-Power supply: with plug at the 12V connection
-Soldering points and screws paint in red
-Protective coating against moisture
-Each with 12-key RF remoter to change the effects
-Screws or cap nut at the back side
-Each with light sensor with automatic
-2pcs RJ45 for more than 2 displays (sync.) on the PCB
-Single package with better foam for protection
-By double-sided / synchrony (master-slave function)

Project Profile

Pharmacy A signal is used for famous bar billboard in chains. It can be double-sided or tri-sided free for your choice.

RED LEDs (standard ON/OFF, blinking, static):
●Clockwise with speed setting (speed time  1= normal 2= slow 3= fast)
●Counterclockwise with speed setting (speed time  1= normal 2= slow 3= fast)
●Outer red LEDs clockwise, inner red LEDs counterclockwise with speed setting (speed time  1= normal 2= slow 3= fast)
●Dimming (full brightness to lowest brightness)

White LEDs (standard ON/OFF, static):
●the white display a cup and a snake (it would be nice if the snake moves from bottom to top)
●Dimming (full brightness to lowest brightness)

Brightness control:
Default brightness is 4000cd. There are 3 choices as below for brightness adjustment:
1.    Light sensor works only
2.    Adjust brightness manually, then light sensor will work.
3.    Adjust brightness manually, if you want light sensor not work, click button 12 + 5

How to adjust brightness manually?
Press button 12 + 1, the brightness to be 3000cd;
Press button 12 + 2, the brightness to be 2000cd;
Press button 12 + 3, the brightness to be 1500cd;

Press button 12 + 4, the brightness to be default 4000cd.

Pharmacy A Project in Germany
Pharmacy A Project in Germany



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