Customization service and individual solution

Your reliable, flexible and responsive ODM partner

Comsight is a leading LED display manufacturer with its specialty and 20+ years’ experience in LED display industry. We have built a wide range of LED applications, from Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), LED digital billboards, LED transportation displays, LED sports scoreboard to creative LED displays.

From specifications and functions' realization to complete product design, our broad experience and highly qualified team members allow us to provide you customization services and individual solutions specifically, including software, functions and parameters, communication protocol, structure and painting color, weather condition and IP grade, CE/FCC and so on;

• Professional project engineers to precisely understand customer’s idea and needs, especially for unusual requirements;

• 8 major self-developed systems, including hardware and software, forming a mature technology ecosystem to support different applications; 

• With innate customization genes and strong customization ability by mastering core technologies in PCBs, LED modules, cabinet structure, and other main components, and adopting advanced modular and platform design concept;

• Rich customization experience with over 20000 successful customized cases;

• Even though you only have a rough idea, we will turn it into a real product.

• Customized PC Software

• Customized unique functions and specifications

• Customize exclusive control system or circuit card

• Special weather resistance and IP grade

• Individual sturcture design and painting color

• Compliance with user-defined protocol or R&Dnew protocol

• Professional approval (CE, FCC etc.