Time & Temperature display

Time & Temp. Display (TT display) can display information such as time, date, week, temperature and humidity. It is mainly used in public places such as parks, streets, roadsides, building roofs, building walls, swimming pools, schools, company entrances, hospitals, stations, service halls and other places.

Detailed Description


— Can display: year, month, day, week, lunar calendar, Saudi calendar, time, Celsius temperature, Fahrenheit temperature, relative humidity, etc.;

— Can display temperature (default with meteorological temperature box).

— 4-bit or 6-bit digital format: 88:88 or 88:88:88 or customized.

— Adopt accurate clock chip DS3231SN to give high precision of time.

— Multiple time calibration modes: GPS, NTP, IR remote control, 2-button RF remote control, communications, etc.

— Alarm clock function: support up to 20 alarm clocks; default buzzer alarm sound; settable duration of time.

— Time switch function: set the hour of turning ON/OFF display freely.

— High / low temperature alarm function: set the alarm temperature value freely; default buzzer alarm sound; settable duration of time.

— Alarm control signal output function: the output pin can be connected to an external relay for controlling other equipment.

— Powerful and flexible configuration function: free to define a personalized Time & Temp. Display.

— Power failure does not affect the accuracy of time and date.

— Customized design: different sizes and colors are available.

Some Extended Functions:

— Support extensions to display world time clock, support up to 20 time zones (need to connect more digits).

— Support connection of multiple temperature sensors. Can display multiple temperatures, such as water temperature (requires a special temperature sensor).

— Support alarm sounds from passive speakers, active speakers and music modules (requires an external speaker or voice module)

— Support hourly tell time function. The validity of this function is settable (an external voice module is required).

— Support RGB color display (the digit should be RGB color).

— Support simultaneous displaying for multiple TT displays (multiple TT displays are required networking).

General Technical Specifications
Mono. Red, amber, green, blue, white, or RGB, or customized
Digit height
4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16", 20", 24", 36", 40", 48", 60", 72" etc,or customized
Digit design
20" below, standard digit;  20" and above are multi-stroke 7-segment digits
Format or bits
88:88 or 88:88:88, or customized
Clock precision 0℃~40℃: precision ±2ppm;  -40℃~85℃: precision ±3.5ppm
Retention time when power failure
≥6 months (power failure does not affect the accuracy of time and date)
Temperature sensor
Default with meteorological temperature sensor box to display temperature.
Please kindly check with us for the brightness of different models.
Viewing Angle
DIP:70°/35°(H/V),SMD:140°/140°(H/V), or customized
Control System
Industrial-grade embedded control boardl; TT control system.
Time Calibration Mode
GPS, NTP, GPS, NTP, IR remote, 2-button RF remote, communication, etc.
LED Driving Mode
Static constant current
Brightness Control Auto/Manual
Brightness Adjustment 16 levels
Time Switch
2 switch time, for setting the hour of power on/off.
Alarm Clock
20 alarm clocks: settable duration of time; settable alarm clock types (Once/Daily/Ordinary/Weekend)
Temperature Alarm Value
2 alarm values. one high temperature value and one low tempereture value can be set.
Alarm Control Signal
1 TTL output (Active low).
Working Temperature
-20°C to +60°C; Humidity: 15%~95%RHOutdoor:-20℃ to +50℃; Indoor:-10℃ to +40℃;or customized
Communication Options RS232/422/485 (default), TCP/IP via RJ45, RF Modem etc, or customized
Romote Control Distance RF remote control (maximum distance 90m in open area), or customized.
Casing Material Aluminum, steel, aluminum profile,  or optional.
Master/Secondary Single/Double/Three sides, Master/Secondary, optional.
Service Access Front or rear access, optional.
Installation Method Hanging, mounting, pit mounted or customized.
IP Level Outdoor: Front IP65, Rear IP54,or customized
Power Requirements 110 or 220VAC±10% / 50~60Hz
Humidity Range
Average LED Lifetime 100000 hours

Remarks: for any detailed or customized solution, please do feel free to contact us directly (sales@comsight.cn).

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