Outdoor Digital Billboard & Video

Outdoor Digital Billboard & Video Display, using advanced LED technologies, with high brightness, high contrast, high grayscale, high refresh rate, high definition resolution, and with the ability to customize various sizes and various length-to-width ratio, is becoming the current outdoor star display products. It has a high degree of visual impact and influence, and is an important component of outdoor media, mainly installed on the outer walls of commercial centers, on the building roofs, by the main roads, highways, stadiums, plazas, parks and school gates, to display advertisements, information, announcements, video programs, and advertising videos.

Detailed Description

Easy-to-use, reliable, intelligent and safe system:

— Provide integrated solution & customized solution for personalized requirements.

— Own-developed CSTCloud system, achieve to control the display anytime and anywhere.

— With top-quality, super-bright LEDs, high uniformity, low color shift and high reliability.

— High brightness, high grayscale and high refresh rate.

— Module-by-module brightness calibration technology is used to individually adjust the spare module`s brightness when maintenance to ensure good uniformity.

— Low voltage driven, energy saving.

— Modular design for flexible display configuration.

— Front access or rear access maintenance, easy service.

● Reliable:

— Adopt high-quality LED, power supply, industrial-grade components and parts, derating use on parameters, 

    leaving enough margin to ensure long-term stability and reliability.

— Adopt an all-weather design and use AkzoNobel`s powder coating to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure long-lasting durability.

— For thermal management, we have a complete and comprehensive design: use high-brightness LED, high-efficiency power supplies and 

    low-voltage supply to reduce the heat value inside the cabinet; use light-colored cabinets with double-layer design to reduce the solar radiation 

    impact on the cabinet; use an optimized design of fan-forced cooling system to accelerate the heat dissipation inside the cabinet. 

    So as to reduce the temperature rise of the display, improve the reliability, and reduce the light decay of the LED.

— With N+1 power supply backup, when the power supply fails, the backup power supply will seamlessly take over and notify the control center.

— With bi-directional data transmission technology. When the data cable between any two cabinets is disconnected, 

       the data can still remain ongoing transmission and avoid displaying interruption thanks to the bi-directional transmission technology.

● Intelligent:

— Intelligent power distribution function: step-by-step power up, reducing the impact on the power network.

— Intelligent full monitoring capability (optional): monitor the door status, power supply, fan, dust filter, temperature, etc.

— Intelligent brightness adjustment function: energy saving and prevent light pollution.

— Powerful software for traffic information management knows everything about the running status of the display. 

    When the monitoring status is abnormal, it will feed back to the control center and send SMS to the operator, 

    even if the operator is not at the control center, he can also know the running status of the display in time.

— Intelligent alarm function: You can preset the temperature value for the alarm, brightness down, display off and power off inside the cabinet. 

    The display will carry out the corresponding actions according to the monitored temperature value.

● Safe:

— With surge protection, leakage protection and other safty measures

— High temperature protection function: When the cabinet temperature exceeds the set value, it will take the corresponding actions of alarm, 

    brightness down, display off and power off, timely proceed the high temperature protection to ensure the safety for the display and prevent the occurrence of fire.

— Intelligent brightness adjustment function: prevent light pollution.

— With login password protection function for management software: unauthorized person can not operate the software and display,

    to ensure the display operation of high security and accuracy.


General Technical Specifications
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 
Pixel pitch
SMD: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,etc.
DIP: 10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,20mm, 25mm,etc
LED Type
SMD: 3 in 1;   DIP: 346 Lamp
Controller Type
Comsight VS system (large-size, synchronous) or PS system (small-size, asynchronous)
Network cable, optical fiber cable, WiFi, 4G, etc. 
Viewing Angle
SMD:   140°/140° (H/V);
DIP: 120°/55° (H/V)
Please kindly check with us about the brightness of different pitch
Refresh Rate
Repetition Frequency 
Brightness Control Auto/Manual/Timing
Brightness Adjustment
Casing Material
Die-casting aluminum, Fabricated steel or aluminum or customized.
Service Access Front access or Rear access
Installation Method Hanging, mounting, against the wall installation.
IP Level Front:IP65;Rear:IP54
Humidity Range RH﹤95%(non-condensing)
Working Environment
-20°C to +50°C
Power Requirements
110 or 220VAC±10% / 50~60Hz
Average LED lifetime
100,000 hours

Remarks: for any detailed or customized solution, please do feel free to contact us directly (sales@comsight.cn).

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