LED Ticker Display

LED ticker display is mainly a long-strip display and usually used in halls, conference rooms, museums, gymnasiums, bars, storefronts, buildings, etc., which supports ultra-long resolution, adapts to cornered, curved or 360° installations. 

Comsight LED ticker display can run ultra-long information and real-time dynamic scrolling information, such as news, stocks, weather and other real-time information, as well as advertising, animations, pictures, window identification, LOGOs, notifications, time, temperature, count up/down, and so on.

Detailed Description



● Support ultra-long resolution (for example H48xW16,384pixels or more).

● Adapt to cornered, curved or 360° installations. 

● Support multi-color and RGB full-color, multi-lingual including Arabic, pictures, graphics, animations, etc.

● Stunning smooth left-to-right movement effect.

● Provide open protocols, OCX etc. to facilitate system integration for users.

● Read data source from RSS to instantly display news, stocks, weather, and other real-time information.

● High reliability and long-term stability by using high quality LED and power supply, etc.; derating use on 

   parameters and leaving enough margin; elaborate design on waterproof, moisture resistance, heat dissipation and light decay.

● Easy connection, support WiFi, 4G and other wireless methods to reduce annoyance on wirings.

● Easy to use: flexible scheduled playlist; allow to divide the screen into multiple windows to program individually; 

   support variables to update a certain part of displaying content quickly and quietly, while the other parts remain unchanged.

● Anti light pollution: outdoor products have automatic, timing and other brightness adjustment methods for energy saving and light pollution reduction.


General Technical Specifications
Pitch options

Flexible SMD module: 4mm, 6mm(Diameter 1m available for Curved or 360° Installations)

SMD: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm;
Standard SMD module: 4mm, 6mm, 7.62mm; 
DIP RGB: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm;
Viewing Angle
SMD: 140°(Horizontal)/140°(Vertical);
DIP: 110°(Horizontal)/55°(Vertical);
Please kindly check with us for the brightness of different pitch
Display Dimming
Manual by software
16 levels (WZP system) or 256 levels (PS system)
Housing Material
Aluminum profile or customized;
Fabricated steel or aluminum casing, or customized
IP Level - Front: IP65; Rear:IP54

Working Environment

-10°C to +40°C
-20°C to +50°C  
Controller Type
Comsight WZP control system (recommended)
Color Displayed
Non-greyscale: Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Cyan, Purple, and 19 color combinations.
Greyscale: 65536 colors (WZP system) 

Average LED lifetime

100,000 hours
RS232, RS422/485, TCP/IP(LAN), RF Modem, Fiber cable etc.

Remarks: for any detailed or customized solution, please do feel free to contact us directly (sales@comsight.cn).

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